Tropical North Showjumping Club

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2022 Championships and OTT Spectacular Oct 1/3th
Tropical North Showjumping Championships and OTT Spectacular incorporating the Frosty Mango North Qlder leader board series. This is a EQ leader board event as well.
Three days of showjumping
A fun Calcutta Auction on a Saturday night Auctioning off the riders in the Speed Derby, get your nominat...
Super Clinic James Arkins
James Akins at the moment is competing in Calgary .A.B. Canada but in September James is coming to North, Qld. James is a professional Showjump rider and a leading showjumper rider in Australia. He will be coaching Saturday and Sunday. Friday we have Dee Dunworth doing OTT accredited flat work tr...
Tropical North August Showjumping Competition
Welcome to Tropical Norths Winter Event
Double Slalom is our feature event Saturday which is fast and furious
We have two days of great showjumping .
Class 17: EQ leaderboard event 60cm
Class 18: EQ leaderboard event 80cm
class 19: EQ Leaderboard event 100cm
Class 20 110cm Frosty Mango series
Equestrian Qld Tag on Interschool's Event
This is our Interschools tag on the event and will run co-inside with our August comp.